Rahat Indori, Age, Death, Wife, Children, Family, Biography, shayaris, Ghazals

Rahat Indori, Age, Death, Wife, Children, Family, Biography, shayaris, Ghazals.

rahat Indori

That my body is mine, then the bar tells me who is just, the lord says that he does not know any other work, but he speaks a lie very wonderful, what is the work, we will talk friends and rahat indori that the great poet of urdu in india very big poets who wrote, people took their poetry by hand, their poetry is so famous, ghazals are so famous, people were writing behind the car, the trending poet is rahat indori, so today we will talk about rahat indori.

Before i introduced john or it was very good, he got a great response, so i felt that i should do biography on the poets too, so come messenger again friends, the comment box of rahat indori is filled with poetry, what is the matter with the comment box, maybe today we are about rahat indori i will talk, hope you will be very good, thank you, such a person has not come down study because you are very much welcome,

go ahead friends, there is a very popular theory in the share, i have a facebook profile in the name of the accused, chuckle at both places you can also ask deficit questions. Wrote a mythological book, failure to time you it is scared because you can use it from the website, because you have downloaded you from play store further, i have made many questions as well as upsc is available in smart phones, you will benefit a lot, i have come on twitter. This is my id friends, if we talk about rahat indori, the sage who was named asaf changed his name to rahat because he belonged to indore. Looks like it's okay and it's a tribute, in a way, rahat qureshi later became rahat indori, he was born on january 1, 1950,

so see the date of birth, january 1 is fine, so this january was born on new year's day indore. I know you know that indore university is a very beautiful city of madhya pradesh. Whenever the place index of indore is always on top, that beautiful face, so maths problem born in indore city of madhya pradesh was not so easy to survive. Poverty was very intense. Life was friends typing and tell that when i lived in the house four brothers- sister was ok he has two elder sisters tehzeeb and taqeer one elder brother is ok and one younger brother and parents father were very rich not ok ok used to work in cloth mill was cloth main worker ok right now it was such that when rahat indori es was in the house, when he used to lie down, he was on a splash looking at his roof, well in 5656, he used to see that manager when the poverty fast would go away but friends used to enjoy every rahat indori enjoyed one thing and took out poetry from there but poetry was not his fashion, poetry was not his identity, later he started writing poetry and ghazals that his passion is printing, this printer, he worked like a painter for 10 years professional painter don't come, don't get him, don't take him printer, don't have troublesome time friends contribute at home, contact with money was very important, if you were interested in painting, then they have sign boards which are apps, don't they he started designing ways and the talent was so much that when he was designing the sign board. They had got their name, people used to wait a month to design sign boards from them, worked in circles for 10 years but have to become 84 all of a sudden, 10 but now rahat indori tells that i don't even know how to eat. How did i think that i should become a city with a painter and tell that painting and poetry are both the same thing, they are two sides of the same coin, these two sisters walk together that both are art and from both i have very rarely but still consider painting to be bigger, first passion considers his painting there, right after that he completed this lecture-rich graduation in karimia colleges indore in 1978

and after that he or barkatullah university in urdu literature in 1975, he took an ma degree from barkatullah university of cambridge university, mp and then taught, he also studied ghazal for 10 years, he also studied it, it is said about him that he can be from outside but is soft from inside, is not he phd is also from urdu literature, is it not in mp? Even if i give phd in urdu literature from bhoj university, i am well educated so that i am educated and after that i have traveled all over the world for 50 years, friends are performing for 50 years, sharing the stage, go to the stage they speak poetry and 50 years old chanakya got used to it, it is fine and some poets are very famous for friends,

they have landed the whole world, although see this, the life of a poet is not so easy, it is very difficult and here but when asked about ghazal, how do you see the city, rahat indori said that it is very difficult to understand ghazal, i spent a lot of time, after i understood that you do not understand, then you are a little crazy, a little crazy a little heart was a little obstinate, a little bit what they say that means a little one who has a broken heart and has to be a little rude, what is the matter, i am enjoying a way of interpretation, neither is the life of a poet difficult, it explains it that when my wife used to go, people used to beat her to the trunk, to support the wife of this poet.

It works or not, but leave it, friends, rahat indori earned so much name or by going to big universities that nature gives man's program now, show that decide mumbai would like to grow up in delhi; deaf hanuman has traveled the world kuwait mauritius america pakistan bangladesh the whole world was telling in pakistan that john had met elia in pakistan, then met 10 who were naik and at a very wonderful time, he was such a share that the most famous sex in today's time liya, he died, okay he died in 2002, but after that his poetry is famous,

after his death there are some people who go to jaipur to pay attention to him, then his work is done 10 lakhs like this. There is a long list, ok now they do not talk about him, so here we are seeing that in this meeting, john elia is very amazing, yes, he tells me where my show was, then jawaniya to pick me up. But i had to go outside the road was very bad, so i asked him what how much time it would take to reach there,

javnia made only three packs, father fateh said that he would leave three packs of time and would travel while drinking or not, and let me tell you that rahat indori did this in films too. Lyricist has worked in many movies, he has written songs in this, probably many people will not know this munna bhai mbbs movie, you see everyone in rajkumar hirani's movie

 he also did that which is the title track of munna bhai mbbs. If you understand, there are a lot of movies, friends, i have worked, i have worked with anu malik, ishq ishq, the movie which came in which ajay devgan aamir khan became very famous in that song, so sleepy churai meri kisan o sanam tune okay hai dekho jaanam hum do apne, hehe lekhye, he has done such lyricist work for many movies, he has written lyrics and has more open performances with anu malik ek udaal ho gaya murder ho gaya mission kashmir ho gaya vasai jo munna bhai mbbs i can't remember now okay have written books too recently, his biography hindi de na present ho gaya angry chand pagal hai dhoop very hai, this type of books also have this in the book i like to write but not and hindi some love maybe talk about it 40 to 45 years have passed. It is okay while performing to friends, it is a well-known point to perform in all mushaira kavi sammelan, isn't it and it's what their poetry calls for this poem has become so viral, but it is not known that people started writing this behind the car, but it is not a trend setter, now this poem is written by friends, you must have heard it. If that would be an hourlong program, well like 

i did then i how once you speak to them for hours and hours, then the hours will be complete, then you can see them that because they will talk, it is okay that it is your call, but do not know, this is the world not to go here, now you are trying to tell the world here if the world is like this, don't do it according to the way it tells you, all these people have called them but don't know, otherwise it has gone viral, but now we are happy on the screen but not to go, this is the world not to go here, anil's table to stay with someone, but what is the point of not going over the limit i don't want to go home empty handed, mawa is spread everywhere, now the atmosphere is not about to die, look at that forty plus, see this last line, now this last line is the best, it does not call to be afraid of your but the wrongdoer, but go this was a poem of many versions, it is very quick and talk about something, friends, who have written, then open their eyes, then give the answer, how many times i looted i am sure that if you speak to someone, you will be impressed in the same way, it is not the same in the middle of such words, this is a magic trap, 

how beautiful you will be, you will forget your problems, although all their problems will be remembered. And if your heart is broken, then son, you see dandruff from the message, now it is for broken hearts, somewhere alone, i will sweep it alone from where it is broken, i will leave it to me, it is amazing, i intended it had done that i will leave him, what is the matter, here to catch the pulse of the people, we are with all of us, we are all victims, so we can connect as much as we collect you with worry, collect with the same lighting. I will take an example of what is happening with us karl marx karl marx is a very historical person andhra pradesh capital that i have so many chuckles on them why your dandruff more because we connect to that thing somewhere you know that the problem which is the problem of the side is also with us. We respect the person with whom we connect, what he writes, what has been written becomes immortal like rahat indori that he has remembered, let's slowly let the heartbeats disturb the prayer, what is the matter. I am proud to be with the river, which is my thirst.

Bio #colspan#
Profession Poet, Lyricist, Pedagogist
Physical Stats & More #colspan#
Height (approx.) in centimeters- 170 cm
in meters- 1.70 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 7”
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Salt & Pepper (semi-bald)
Personal Life #colspan#
Date of Birth 1 January 1950 (Sunday)
Birthplace Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Date of Death 11 August 2020 (Tuesday)
Time of Death 5.00 pm [1]India Today
Place of Death Aurobindo Hospital, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Death Cause Cardiac Arrest (after being tested positive for the novel coronavirus) [2]India Today
Age (at the time of death) 70 Years
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Nationality Indian
Hometown Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
School Nutan School Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
College/University Islamia Karimia College (ikdc) Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Barkatullah University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Bhoj university, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Educational Qualification MA in Urdu Literature from Barkatullah University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in 1975
Ph.D. in Urdu Literature from the Bhoj University of Madhya Pradesh in 1985
Family Father- Rafatullah Qureshi (a cloth mill worker)
Mother- Maqbool Un Nisa Begum
Siblings- 3
Religion Islam
Hobbies Painting, Traveling
Favourite Things #colspan#
Favourite Sports Hockey, Football
Girls, Affairs and More #colspan#
Marital Status Married
Wife/Spouse Seema Rahat
Children Sons- Faisal Rahat,
Satlaj Rahat
Rahat Indori son Satlaj Rahat Indori
Daughter- Shibli Irfan


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